Best 6 Person Tent Product Reviews

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6 person tent is one of the most important gadgets for friends and family campers. When going out camping, hiking, or just going for a trip outdoors, you’re going to need to prepare a reliable tent with you. It’s the most essential piece of equipment that you need to bring apart from say, food, and liquids.

It’s there to protect you, shelter you, and most of all, keep you warm and dry during nighttime. That’s why picking a good quality tent is crucial so it won’t let you down and ruin your trip which you can potentially cut short due to it being rendered useless due to any sort of damage.

Don’t worry, if you always go out on trips with family or with some friends then you need tents that have room. Here are some of the best 6 person tents in the market today.

Our Product Reviews:

1. Coleman Dark Room Skydome Camping 6 person Tent

Let’s get this best 6 person tent review with none other than the innovative Coleman Dark Room Skydome Camping Tent. It’s got all the features that you expect from a good quality tent and MORE!

Let’s start off with how easy it is to set up with pre-attached poles so even inexperienced campers can help set it up. It’s so easy and intuitive that in under just 5 minutes your tent is ready.

But why is it called the darkroom skydome? Well, that’s because it comes with the darkroom technology that ensures to block 90% of sunlight and this effectively reduces interior heat too. This should enable anyone exhausted or a sleepyhead to take a good nap or rest earlier during the day. You’ll be very comfortable for sure as the ten can simulate nighttime and you’ll be sleeping soundly like a baby almost as if you are in your bedroom. This tent also comes with 20% more headroom compared to the usual 6 person tents available in the market today. It is spacious and it is strong with a frame that can withstand winds of 35 mph. Not only that it’s made out of material that will surely protect you from all sorts of elements. Truly a top-notch tent from one of the best brands in the industry today.


  • Extremely durable
  • Insulates effectively from heat or cold
  • It’s always nighttime inside for a good rest
  • Stable and strong frame
  • Easy to install


  • Ventilation can be a major downside of this tent’s design

2. Coleman Cabin 6 person Tent

The Coleman Cabin Tent also comes with the darkroom technology that we discussed in our previous item but this one is specially made to be a lot easier to set up. Would you believe it if we say that this tent can be set up in just under a minute? Yep, you read that right.

That means that it’s super easy to use and unlike other 6 person tents that are bulky and a chore to put up this one, you can pretty much move from point A to point B easily with minimum effort due to its design and pre-assembled poles.

Rainy nights or wet environments? No worries. The WeatherTec system on this tent should keep you dry and with tub-like flooring and signature corner welds plus covered seams, you will be dry at all times with no danger of any moisture seeping in on you while you rest or sleep. The darkroom technology also reduces temperature buildup by about 10% so you stay comfortable on cold destinations.


  • You’ll be dry and comfortable inside at all times
  • Easy to store
  • So easy to set up and move
  • Great value for money
  • Long-lasting components


  • Fabric seems to degrade quickly and loses weatherproof quality

3. Coleman Evanston Camping Dome 6 person Tent

Let’s move one with our best 6 person tent review with the super-popular and highly rated Coleman Evanston Camping Dome Tent. Why is it so popular then? Maybe because of the awesome screen room that comes with it.

Yep, a viewing room right at the front of your tent, and while that design is nothing new it’s still noteworthy that this Coleman tent’s screen room, in particular, is spacious and comfortable enough that anyone will surely appreciate it a lot.

This screen room given that it’s the highlight of this tent is additional room if it’s a bit warm from where you are camping. It offers extra ventilation too. Also, it comes with window awnings so you’ll have better air circulation with this tent compared to other Coleman units.

It’s got all sorts of storage pockets too so it’s not only roomy enough for 6 people but you won’t have issues fitting all of your things in together with a few of your necessities that should always be within reach.

It can fit 2 queen-size airbeds that it can. It’s got waterproof floors, protected seams, a wind-strong frame, and zipper protection that offers top-notch insulation anytime and anywhere. No question about it, 3 tents from Coleman in a row shows how it dominates this industry.


  • Very spacious tent
  • Very nice air circulation fit for warmer temperatures
  • Good quality fabric
  • Screen room equals a fun room
  • Lots of storage pockets


  • A little bit harder to set up or at least it takes more time than other models

4. Pacific Pass 6 Person Family Dome Tent

The Pacific Pass 6 Person Family Dome Tent has a height of 74.8 inches and a base size of 118.1 by 118.1 inches. That’s spacious enough to accommodate the entire family or your group of friends.

It’s stable and safe to keep all of you and your belongings intact no matter the weather condition outside. The tent is 1200 MM waterproof so no moisture should seep in. It’s designed so you can use a lantern inside and mesh bags for your necessities to be always within your reach. It also comes with an E-port so you can have electrical power inside too.

It’s lightweight and portable and can be set up within 5 minutes if you and a couple of friends help each other out. While it may not have the premium features Coleman tents has got, it makes up for it with the little things and if you are on a budget, this is one good quality 6 person tent to have.


  • Spacious and have all sorts of storage spaces
  • Convenient for access to electricity and lantern
  • Decent quality of the materials used for the price
  • Good value for money
  • Easy to setup


  • May not be as weatherproof as advertised

5. Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch Dome 6 person Tent

The Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch Dome Tent is as premium as they come. Don’t get us wrong it does not cost much if you take a look at the set of features that comes with it. Having said that, we won’t discuss much of what it’s got to offer and all you need to know is that it’s got all the features of the tents from Coleman that we discussed so far.

It’s conducive for sleeping at any time of the day, will keep you warm in cold weather, and will surely keep you comfortable in warm temperatures. WeatherTec system onboard too.

It’s got a reliable poly guard fabric plus a strong frame to last for a very long time and it says that it can be set up in approximately 7 minutes. And oh, it’s spacious as it can accommodate 2 queen size air beds. It’s got a screen room too!


  • Premium quality materials
  • Should last for a very long time
  • Guaranteed weatherproof
  • Spacious, portable, and easy to store
  • Very stable


  • No, it’s not easy to set up with non-existing directions

6. Coleman Camping Skydome 6 person Tent with Full Fly Vestibule

As long as we are on the subject of premium quality tents let’s take a look at the coveted Coleman Camping Skydome Tent that comes with a full fly vestibule. This tent sets up in under 5 minutes given its size.

It offers 20% more headroom compared to other 6 person tents and it’s got a full fly vestibule that adds more room for storage and entry. WeatherTec system in place for utmost protection against moisture and all sorts of elements as well.

This one has got a wider door and can also fit 2 queen size beds. It’s got an E-port too for all your electricity needs and its wind-strong frame capacity is still at a solid 35 MPH.


  • Very spacious with extra for storage
  • Wide entrance no issues getting in or out with your stuff
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Truly weatherproof
  • Will keep you comfy at all times


  • A bit expensive compared to other models from the brand.

7. Coleman Elite Sundome 6-Person Tent

Moving on with our best 6 person tent review with the Coleman Elite Sundome 6-Person Tent. You’ll indeed get elite treatment if you get this tent. It’s made out of the Polyester taffeta 75D flysheet and it comes with an LED lighting system to keep everything illuminated anytime with 3 brightness settings to always keep it conducive.

WeatherTec system onboard and if you want spacious then this should be the right tent for you as it measures 12 by 10 feet at a center height of 6 feet with all the features a Coleman can offer.

This tent is for those who want a lot of room and we mean LOTS of room.


  • Tall center height makes it desirably spacious
  • Solid construction
  • LED lighting system is LIT
  • Durable materials
  • Easy to set up for its size


  • Also, a bit pricey, the priciest actually on our list

8. AsterOutdoor 6 Person Cabin Instant Setup Tent

Let’s take a break from anything Coleman for a bit and talk about an underdog in the AsterOutdoor 6 Person Cabin Instant Setup Tent. If it’s convenience and quality that you are looking for then look no further.

This tent is compact when inside its bag and can easily be stored and transported. Setting it up should only take a minute. It’s got a rain fly 1500 MM waterproof design to keep everything inside of it dry.

This is a pretty large tent at 10 feet wide and 9 feet deep and it’s got storage pockets all over for all of your needs and it only weighs 18.5 pounds. What people like about it is that it’s got good ventilation in place and so you won’t get too warm nor too cold when inside.


  • Pretty comfortable temperature inside
  • Decent quality
  • Spacious and easy to set up and store
  • Guaranteed waterproof
  • Convenient storage pockets


  • Not quite tried and tested like the rest of the tents on our list

9. Wakeman Outdoors 6-Person Water Resistant Dome Tent

Another low-profile tent on our list is the affordable Wakeman Outdoors 6-Person Water Resistant Dome Tent. Not there’s a rugged tent that’s always meant for some fun camping trip.

It’s got a water-resistant material that also enables it to be used all year long. So you can go camping anytime and be confident with your tent. It’s got a D-style door that accents how spacious it is. It also possesses an electric access port plus interior storage pockets for all your necessities.

It measures 10 by 10 by 6 feet tall so you know that you’ll be comfortable inside all the time.


  • Very spacious design
  • Nice comfortable temperature inside consistently
  • Reliable material for the price
  • Good value for money
  • Use it all year long


  • Not very stable

10. E-Z UP Camping Cube Camping 6 person Tent

Last but not least on our best 6 person tent product review is none other than the E-Z UP Camping Cube Camping Tent.

This is another premium tent on our list that’s not named Coleman and while the brand is not as famous as the latter this tent has got what it takes to be on top due to its innovative design and top-notch quality.

The cube measures 111 inches by 111 inches in length and width and 76 inches in height. This tent provides excellent airflow and no matter the weather condition you’ll be comfy inside.

Closures and frames are always stable and top-notch quality so you are safe and sound. It’s got a protective flooring system in place too so you won’t worry about getting wet anytime soon.


  • Pretty solid design overall
  • Long lasting
  • Weatherproof 100%
  • You’ll have everything that you need
  • Spacious


  • A bit expensive


There you have it, these best 6 person tents will truly protect you throughout your camping trip. With your family or friends intact you don’t have to worry about the elements and to either keep you warm or comfortable on your outdoor escapades.

Remember, don’t take your tents for granted as they are as essential as food when you’re out there. Make sure it’s functional, spacious, and can shelter you properly. Not all tents are made equal as they say.

Some would easily get damaged or are too inconvenient to use. The ones we’ve researched and laid out for you are the best of the best in terms of quality and everything else you may desire for a tent.

As always, be sure to bring enough supplies too so you won’t have to cut your trip short. Stay safe!

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