Best Camping Tent Reviews 2021!

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Best Camping Tent

Camping Tent!! There’s nothing like the great outdoors. Camping trips are one of the most fun things to do whether you go by yourself, with friends, or with family. It’s just something that almost everyone looks forward to and for a lot of good reasons.

It’s because most of the time we go on camping trips to relax, have lots of fun, and most of all, reconnect with nature itself. But going camping is not necessarily like going on the beach that you won’t need a lot of things aside from probably food and booze.

When you go out camping, you need to make sure that you have everything that you need to support yourself out there whether you are going on a known camping site or completely off the grid, you need to ensure your safety at all times.

And, camping gear all starts with a good quality camping tent. You need to keep in mind that your camping tent can accommodate you or if you have people coming with you, it’s sturdy, reliable, and most of all, going to provide the needed protection from all the outdoor elements.

Best Camping Tent Product Reviews

Here are some of the best camping tents in the market, today.

1.Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping

2. Coleman Cabin Tent

3.Coleman Dome Tent

4.Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

5.Coleman Elite Montana 8-Person Tent

6.Pacific Pass Camping Tent 6 Person Family Dome Tent

7.Coleman Cabin Camping Tent with Weatherproof Screen Room

8.HG Family-Tents CAMPROS Tent

9.Browning Camping Big Horn Tent

10.CATOMA Falcon SpeeDome Tent

1. Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping

The first entry on our best-camping tent review is the Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping. This tent is sizeable enough for a whole family even with all of your gears inside of it.

It’s weatherproof with welded corners & inverted seams. This should ensure that water may never get in. It’s got a strong frame that can handle wind of more than 35 MPH and additional weather protection from rainfly.

It’s got a hinged door, double-thick fabric, and a conventional pitch that can then be set up for less than 15 minutes. Needless to say, it’s got such a roomy interior that you won’t need another tent for the family anytime soon.

Additionally, it’s got door awnings, an E-port, and angled windows so you may keep the tent ventilated even when it rains.

2. Coleman Cabin Tent

The Coleman Cabin Tent is a 4-person tent that can be set up and we are not kidding, in 60 seconds. It’s made out of 150D polyester and comes with taped seams. It’s of course weatherproof and the integrated rainfly adds more protection plus makes sure that the tent has enough airflow.

It’s built to last, blocks 90% of sunlight so it can keep heat out effectively, and offers darkroom technology. It’s so easy to set up anyone can do it and additionally, it’s also quite easy to transport with enough room for 4 people and your gears.

3. Coleman Dome Tent

The main highlight of this Coleman Dome Tent is its screen room. Apart from the main internal area of your camping tent, you’ll have a place to lounge in that’s bug-free and will have a good amount of ventilation.

It can also serve as an extra sleeping area during warmer nights. This tent has got window awnings so you may keep it open even when it rains and enough small storage pockets so you can have more room for your other camping necessities.

It’s got WeatherTec features with protected seams, a strong frame for wind, zipper protection, and waterproof floors too with a trusted material that will definitely last a long time and a lot of camping trips.

4. Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

If you want an affordable yet super-spacious camping for the entire family or your group of friends then you might like the Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent.

It’s not just wide but has a center height of 72 inches to boot. It will fit a total of 3 queen mattresses! It comes with a Core H20 block technology & an adjustable ground vent with fiberglass poles.

You will also have a gear hook as well as extra pockets so you may have storage for your other gears. It’s got an electrical cord access port and comes with everything that you’ll need to keep yourself safe and sheltered during camping trips.

5. Coleman Elite Montana 8-Person Tent

If you want a little bit more luxury on your camping trips then go for the premium Coleman Elite Montana 8-Person Tent. It’s not just spacious but it offers features that would otherwise not be found on any other tents.

At 16 x 7 feet, it will fit 3 queen mattresses and 8 people. Pretty easy to set up and comes with 3 settings for its LED tent light with high, low, and nightlight. Keeping your tent lit up at all times. It’s got a hinged door for easy in and out and color-coded poles to keep that dome design perfect.

6. Pacific Pass Camping Tent 6 Person Family Dome Tent

The Pacific Pass Camping Tent 6 Person Family Dome Tent is another family-friendly camping tent that has a smart design meant for you to have space while still allowing for a good view of the outside.

It is quite stable and safe. It’s waterproof and weatherproof and rain nor water won’t get in for sure. It’s easy to set up and transport as well with 6 ropes & 12 stakes. It won’t take up much space if you store it in your car.

It’s lightweight, portable, and it is just meant to last for a long while.

7. Coleman Cabin Camping Tent with Weatherproof Screen Room

This unit has got a screen-enclosed area that can be added sleeping space or just a place to relax. Whether it rains or it’s warm, you can have an area where you can enjoy the view and breathe in that refreshing outdoor nature air.

You’ll stay dry at all times when inside this tent and it’s got the ability to withstand 35 MPH of wind. Roomy for a 4-person tent, it’s got vertical walls and a higher than usual ceiling. It’s also quite easy to set up and very well ventilated.

8. HG Family-Tents CAMPROS Tent

The HG Family-Tents CAMPROS Tent is one of the best family camping tents right now in the market. It’s not only spacious but at the same time made out of materials that will surely last a long time.

It’s durable, it’s reliable and easy to set up. A total of 8 adults can fit in it. Installs in 10 minutes and zips up nicely as you go in and out of it. It’s snag-free, comes with continuous pole sleeves, waterproof, and windproof.

It’s got 5 mesh windows for adequate ventilation and you’ll stay safe and dry on it at all times.

9. Browning Camping Big Horn Tent

The penultimate entry on our best-camping tent review is the Browning Camping Big Horn Tent. And as the name says big, then it’s really big with 150 feet of tent area. It’s got a freestanding design and is a 2-room tent.

It’s got 2 doors, 6 windows, and a mesh roof for needed ventilation. It’s got straight sidewalls and offers the best weather protection.

It’s got a wall divider and an extra-tall center height. It’s the camping tent for long camping trips, it’s practically a house.It’s got a wall divider and an extra-tall center height. It’s the camping tent for long camping trips, it’s practically a house.

10. CATOMA Falcon SpeeDome Tent

The last entry on our list is the innovative CATOMA Falcon SpeeDome Tent. This is one of the sturdiest camping tents on our review but it comes at a tad pricier rate. But of course, it’s all worth it.

It’s made out of 70% hybrid nylon and 30% polyester. It’s got a rapid setup frame system, reversible rainfly, and tough flooring system. It’s easy to maintain too!

If you’re going solo or with a companion then this is the perfect and most reliable tent to protect you at all times.

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Camping Tent Buyer’s Guide

Here are a few important aspects that you need to consider when choosing your next camping tent.


Well, the very first and obvious consideration that you need to take a look at is the capacity of your camping tent. Do you often just go out on your own? Or do you always go in a pack?

It’s always important to buy a tent that’s one size up your intended capacity. Why? Because you’ll probably bring more gear than you’d think and you need to make sure that you’ll have room for it inside the tent. You can’t leave a lot outdoors especially if it’s not that safe.

Also, take note of if you or your companion(s) are large individuals, claustrophobic, tosses and turns at night, need a lot of elbow room, or will/usually brings a pet or child. This ensures that the tent that you’d buy will have enough room for all of these.

After all, it ain’t that much fun to go out camping by yourself, isn’t it?


You also need to consider the seasons that your camping tent can handle. Map out the usual time of the year that you go out camping, take note of the climate of your region, or how often you go camping in general.

This enables you to decide whether you’re going to need to spend a premium on the tent that you’ll buy and maybe you can save up for it accordingly.

A popular choice is the 3 season tent but there are 4 season tents available too that you may use all year long. These tents will keep you dry or warm accordingly. Give adequate protection from rain, snow, wind, heat, insects, and other elements outdoors.

Key Features

You also need to consider the peak height of the tent that you are going to purchase. Again, this is important if you or someone in your pack is claustrophobic but also it’s always nice to be able to stand up inside.

Also, consider the type of tent you’d buy. Do you want a dome type or maybe a cabin type? Cabin types are almost as good as a livable tent and offer tall peak height while a dome type tent is known for being sturdy and their wind-shielding capacity.

Also, consider a tent with more floor length if you’re a tall fellow so you’ll have a lot more room. You also need to think about the tent doors, these are very important for obvious reasons. You go in and out on it so the tent door should be sturdy, accommodating, and offers privacy plus protection too.

You also can’t forget about the tent poles. Tent poles ultimately determine, the strength, stability, ventilation, and ease of setup of a tent. They are crucial to the structure of your tent so choose yours wisely.

You also have the option to go with a freestanding tent due to its no-pole setup and that you can transfer it anywhere after installation with relative ease. Freestanding tents are ideal for the whole family to utilize.

You also can’t forget about other features of a tent-like rainfly, vestibules for added storage compartments, ventilation, interior pockets or loops, and guyout loops for guy lines.

Material and Accessories

And of course, you need to think about the type of material your tent is made of. You can go for rainfly or higher-denier fabric. The latter with seam tape reduces the chances of leakage.

It’s also nice for a camping tent to have a footprint for the tent floor, gear loft for added storage, stakes, anchors, cleaning tools, floor mat, tent repair kit, seam sealer, utility cord, or even a battery-operated ventilation fan.

The more complete your camping tent is, the better the camping experience will be for sure.

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Final Thoughts

There you have it, some of the best camping tents that will shelter you out on camping sites effectively. We also learned a lot about how to choose the right camping tent for you and your companions and at the same time, some important facts about camping.

It’s important to stay safe out there unless maybe you’re just in your backyard but still, a good quality camping tent should always be on top of our list. So go grab yourself one, get all the other gears ready, tell your mates, and go out camping and reconnect with nature and yourself. Camping also good for health, to know more details just click.

Stay safe and enjoy!