Best tips for Camping with Your Kids

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You need the Best tips for Camping with your kids when your planing is camping with your kids. It is always an exciting idea for a lot of us and most especially for kids. It’s a time to unwind, a time to bond, and a time to discover new things on a weekend that’s going to be full of fun adventures for sure.

Whether you go to a famous campsite, just right in your backyard, or go for a bit of hike, camping is always going to be enticing for the young ones. But please do take note that we need to prepare for it. Prepare everything that we need so that we can maximize the experience.

Let’s talk about how to make camping with kids a super fun getaway for the entire family or maybe a few friends. Read on!

Benefits of camping with Your Kids

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Camping yields a lot of benefits to our well-being. It’s a perfect way to break out of the routine, even for kids. Here are a few reasons why we need to go camping from time to time.

Unwind, Relax

Let’s be real. We live in a fast-paced world ad lead busy lives. And, our kids are just as affected by this lifestyle too. While we are busy working in front of our computers, our kids are always glued to their devices too and we ALL need a break from time to time.

Unplugging from our devices and going outdoors on camping sites is a great way to do so. You can choose to either leave all electronics behind given you have the means to communicate back home too.

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The fresh air, the new environment, and having to reconnect with nature has such an underrated effect on our minds and bodies. It’s like literally and figuratively detoxifying ourselves.

Our kids will learn a lot of new things in a new environment. Their imaginations will run wild and they might find a new friend or two. You can also bond with them and just maybe they’ll make camping trips a hobby of theirs as they grow up.

Keeps you in shape

Camping should get the kids moving about. Get them out of their comfort zones and let them explore the world more. And, to be honest, sometimes it’s a challenge to get them to be interested in camping for it will feel like a chore. But, most of them should be excited about the idea.

That’s why it’s a great way to keep them physically fit. From setting up the tent to preparing food or maybe you had to hike a little bit to get to your camping spot. This should keep them busy and get them off their devices. Let them play with peers instead or prepare fun activities that they can enjoy.

They’ll sweat it all out for sure.

Reduces stress and forms lasting bonds with your kids

With a relaxed mind and body and yes, even kids get stressed out from time to time then you can do more once you get back from your camping trip. What’s more, is that you may have already strengthened your bond with them and a plus if they made new connections during the camping trip as well.

Camping is pretty much not just boost physical or mental health but also social and emotional wellbeing too. Trust us when we say that these camping trips will forever be embedded in their memory and it will soon become some of their most cherished moments. Not to get all mushy but it’s true.

Vitamin sun boost and a good night’s sleep in camping with your kids

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Before we jump to the next section we also would like to emphasize a couple of really good indirect effects of camping towards yours and your kid’s bodies. Again, we spend most of our time indoors now more than ever and so we don’t get much Vitamin sun anymore or what we call Vitamin D. And, that’s not good. We need a healthy dose of it regularly for a lot of bodily functions.

Going outdoors for some time is the perfect way to catch up on much-needed Vitamin D and this promotes a good night’s sleep too.

What to bring? Camping gears for you and your kids

Here’s our checklist for everything that you need to bring with you on your camping trip with your kids! You will get the best tips for camping with your kids. Visit Here to know more camping gear for your kids.

Buy a correct camping Tent for camping with kids

Selecting tent is one of the best tips for camping with your kids.When outdoors, it’s super essential to bring a tent with you. And a tent is perhaps one of those camping gears that you really need to consider. So, just a quick buyer’s guide for you.

Take note that there are two primary types of tents. The dome-type and the cabin-type. Dome types are most likely the ones that most are familiar with. They are made out of lightweight material and are set up using poles or whatever system the tent you bought uses to anchor itself on the ground. They are usually easy to set up, relocate, and disassemble.

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Cabin-type tents are naturally large and can accommodate a lot of people and some even come with dividers for extra privacy. Cabin tents will have more headspace and are almost livable for longer camping trips. But naturally, cabin tents are not as easy to set up and are made of heavier materials.

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So buy a tent that best suits your needs. Make sure that it can accommodate you and the family. It’s always wise to buy a tent +1 your intended capacity. To know more about tent, just CLICK.

Fire and first-aid kits

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Fire is essential in our day-to-day lives but we often take it for granted because we always have access to it. But when out camping, its importance is even magnified. You CAN’T go camping without a fire starter. Bring matches or a cigarette lighter. You can also practice starting a fire using flint and steel. Or maybe, try a magnesium fire starter kit.

Make sure your matches are waterproof and bring along with you a bag of dry barks or newspaper. Finding such outdoors can prove challenging especially when it rains. And also, be careful with fire ALWAYS. You don’t want to (knock on wood) burn the camping site or worse start a threatening fire to a forest nearby as most camping sites are located near one.

Needless to say, one must always carry first-aid kits when going out camping. Kids can get restless and if they get wounded in the process, you will want to treat that cut or bruise pronto. A first-aid kit should have everything you need from antiseptic to bandages.

Also, make sure to have sunscreen or insect repellant with you.

Food, water, clothing

What’s the best type of food to bring on camping trips? Well, dehydrated foods are recommended. You may also bring nuts and bars. Instant cup noodles or mac & cheese are also a favorite.

Beef jerky and dried fruits too. Sandwiches should also be a nice treat for the kids. As far as beverage goes, all you need is just water. But for grownups, well, maybe coffee and tea should work.

Knife and map

We really want to point out the necessity of these two items. A pocket knife can do a lot of things for you outdoors. And even if you know the place like the back of your hand, it’s always important to bring a map with you.

Especially if you’re camping off the grid. Bring a compass if you have one or better yet a GPS device. This should protect you and the kids at all times.

Other necessities

Always bring and wear weather-appropriate clothes. Get weather information beforehand so you know if it’s going to be hot or cold, rainy, humid, or dry. Don’t forget to bring toilet paper, flashlights, or a headlamp for visibility at night.

Preparing for camping with kids for the different seasons


Everyone wants to go camping during the summer. And, why not? It’s such a relaxing season. But please be wary of the things that you’re going to have to deal with during this season.

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Insects and bugs are almost automatic on camping sites during summer. So please bring bug spray and insect repellant for the kids. Also, try to as much as possible find shade and a good spot for your tents where you won’t be baked in the sun.

Let the kids wear cool clothes as much as possible and always hydrate. Bring a portable fan!


Spring is another popular season for camping. While it’s much cooler than summer, it can also get a bit unpredictable. So be sure to bring clothing for either hot or cold temperatures. Also, still don’t leave your bug sprays back home.

Grass and all sorts of plants would still be growing so be sure to bring your tarp or an extra layer for the bottom of your tents. Also, it gets darker fast during spring.


Summer is great, spring is cool but camping trips in autumn are awesome due to the scenery. Take note that not all campsites will be open in autumn so check that beforehand. Autumn is also known for fluctuating temperatures and fast so be sure to keep the kids warm.


Lastly, winter. Winter ain’t ideal nor popular for camping but no one says you can’t. If ever you decide to do so then make sure to pack a lot of things to keep you warm. Make sure your tent has extra insulation as well as your clothing.

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Keep that fire burning and make sure to have hot coffee or cocoa for the kids ready.

Tips when camping with kids

Here are also a few things you need to take note of when going camping with kids.

  • Plan ahead or practice camping in your backyard. This should stir up excitement amongst the little ones and they’ll get some sort of a simulation before you go to actual campsites. You also get a chance to observe how they behave in a tent beforehand and know what to bring.
  • And when it’s time to go camping, let the kids help pack. You not only get the idea of what they want to bring or need but at the same time get them involved in the process this early.
  • Make sure to bring food and beverage that they will eat. You don’t want a hungry and grumpy kid on the campsite as much as possible.
  • Research fun activities for them beforehand and let them let participate once you get on the camping site. This should make the experience even better.
  • Pack their favorite toys, as much as possible, no gadgets.
  • Always think about safety for the kids. Take care of yourself so you can take care of them. Make the trip about bonding and experience.
  • Let them reconnect with nature and most of all, let them have fun. Ensure their safety but don’t be too strict.

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Where to camp? Here are some famous campsites in the US

Here is another best tips for camping with your kids is selecting Campsite. As far as campsites go, you need to make sure that it’s family and kid-friendly. Here are a few that come to mind in the US.

  • Lake Rudolph in Santa Claus, Indiana
  • Red Apple Campground in Kennebunkport, Maine
  • Jellystone Park in Mill Run, Pennsylvania
  • Ocean Lakes Family Campground in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  • Camp Gulf in Destin, Florida
  • The Vineyards Campground and Cabins in Grapevine, Texas
  • Casini Ranch Family Campground in Sonoma County, California
  • Ventura Ranch KOA in Santa Paula, California
  • Campland on the Bay in San Diego, California
  • Clay’s Park Resort in North Lawrence, Ohio
  • Buffalo Lake Camping Resort in Montello, Wisconsin

Final Thoughts

There you have it the best tips for camping with your kids! So all the things that you need to know as you prepare to go camping with kids! You must prepare for everything that you need for camping so everyone’s safe, secure, and happy.

If it’s just us grown-ups then maybe we can be a bit spontaneous but if we go with our kids then we need to ensure everyone’s health and security, in other words, be a bit tight on our protocols.

As mentioned, reconnecting with nature and going out of our comfort zone from time to time gives not only our physical health but also our mental health a break from a fast-paced lifestyle.

Make sure to check that list twice or thrice before leaving. Follow our tips, it will be the best guide for camping with your kids and you’re in good shape. So, what else is there left to do? You can visit this site also. Well, enjoy your camping trip!

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